Rollout Bar Carpets

BAMTEC® reinforcing rollout bar carpets are used to speed up construction and reduce steelfixing on commerical and infrastructure applications. BAMTEC® complies with all relevant Australian standards

500PLUS® BAMTEC® is the world’s fastest steelfixing system and a revolutionary approach to placing steel reinforcing in slabs, CRCP and decks to greatly improve speed, quality and safety of construction. Known as CRCP or reinforcing carpet, reinforcing bars are pre-welded to flexible steel straps by OneSteel Reinforcing to specific dimensions, rolled up for easy handling and delivered to site as a complete reinforcing bar carpet. When needed, the carpet is simply lifted into place and unrolled onto continuous bar chairs. Suitable for suspended slabs, slab on ground, CRCP, tilt-up and precast panels and bridge decks. Talk to OneSteel Reinforcing early in your project to optimise steel usage, engineering intent and specifications, as spacing and steel diameters can be varied to maximise efficiency.

Associated standards:
AS/NZS 4671 : 2001 Steel reinforcing materials
AS 3600 : 2009 Concrete structures
AS 1554.3 : 2008 Welding of reinforcing steels

Case Studies


A 3 year project to rebuild the northern side of the Melbourne Cricket Ground redevelopment project included 500PLUS® BAMTEC® for the majority of the horizontal elements for their time and labour saving benefits. With up to 80 different bar lengths in a single carpet, with some carpets up to 13.5 m wide and 20 m long.

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500PLUS® BAMTEC® – Meriton Apartments, NSW

500PLUS® BAMTEC® proved its versatility on the 600 m2 floor areas in the construction of a small, seven-storey block of apartments at Waitara on Sydney's North Shore.

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500PLUS® BAMTEC® – Residential Towers, NSW

Residential Towers is a seven storey building comprising of residential apartments and office suites located in Hurstville, Sydney. Builder Kayrouz Constructions were able to install four layers of 500PLUS carpets, equating to seven tonnes of steel reinforcing, in ten hours. This reduced steelfixing labour and site congestion. Kayrouz Constructions had used 500PLUS BAMTEC® carpets on a previous project in Bankstown where they built 219 units.

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500PLUS® BAMTEC® – Waubra Wind Farm VIC

The Waubra Wind Farm Project in Victoria involved the construction of a wind farm on rural properties north west of Ballarat. The 500PLUS® BAMTEC® system was used to place the rebar for the 128 heavily reinforced wind tower bases. This provided considerable savings in labour and time on site.

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500PLUS® BAMTEC® - Bonville Road Deviation, NSW

The OneSteel Reinforcing prefabricated 500PLUS® BAMTEC® carpets Supply and Fix package which has been specially developed for use in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements (CRCP) is making great inroads with road construction. Its latest use is on the NSW Pacific Highway Bonville upgrade.

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